Swiss Mountain Adventure

Tour dates: 23 Jul to 06 Aug 2011.
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Saas Fee

Our first walk was up the Hannig bergbahn and a traversing route to Plattjen Berghaus.

The paths were spectacularly-situated...
...and reassuringly well-constructed.

We enjoyed the paths and the scenery.

Marvellous views from the path.

Here we are looking at the place where the Gletschergrotte - a man-made ice cave - used to be.
It is still the name of the place.

The destination of our traverse.
Plattjen Berghaus.

We used our passes to go up by cable-car and funicular to the summer ski area of Felskinn/Allalin.

We had a good view of skiers on the glacier snow-fields below us.

Afterwards we sat with our drinks while the restaurant did a 360° rotation.

Before our next walk we took the cable-car from Saas Grund right to the top.

We could see many parties of climbers on the snow slopes above us.

We made a very gentle ascent of our own...
...before descending to Kreuzboden to begin our walk.

Our walk to Almagelleralp took us past some young Marmots playing in the sun.

Later our route was blocked by a landslip.
We climbed up to the higher route to by-pass it.

Les Poseurs!
(You have to know the route to spot why this one is a posed photo)

Not a posed shot.

Shirley develops fellow-feeling with a small statue at Almagelleralp.

Having decided our group was well up to the task, we did the most interesting of the three paths down to Sass Almagell.

The path uses a few artificial aids.

There are three vertiginous suspension bridges.

People are smiling because I just said "This will be a splendid photo of Paul's boots!"

A final look back up at the last part of our route.

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