Saxony and Bohemia   D+

Tour dates: 06 Sept to 13 Sept 2009.
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Thu 10 Sept - Edmundsklamm & Prebischtor

Today we took a train to Schöna and a ferry to Hrensko in the Czech Republic.
This is the main street with lots of Vietnamese market stalls. Yes, Vietnamese!

It is not far to the start of the Edmundsklamm

The gorge is steep-sided and dramatic

Initially the footpath is narrow and, in places, tunnelled
or cut into the side of the gorge.

Eventually you come to a weir where some workmen were doing complicated things
with a tree trunk.

Beyond the weir there is no footpath and further progress is made in large punts.

The punt polers are a cheerful bunch.

Next there is some more of the gorge to walk.
It is followed by a climb, two villages and a long walk/climb to Prebischtor.


This is said to be the largest natural rock arch in western Europe.

There is a restaurant adjacent to it.
It fits in very well with the natural feature.

Turning your back on the Prebischtor gives another view
which would be outstanding anywhere else!

Fri 11 Sept - Bastei & Lilienstein

The Bastei is a tourist trap with coach parks and the like.
You don't have to go far away though to enjoy a view like this one.

The guidebook view of the walkway is always taken from the viewpoint in this picture.

The surroundings are good.

Nearby is an area called the Schwedenlöcher.
This is the area where the locals once hid from vicious Swedish invaders.

We continued on down to Kurort Rathen for a lunch in a beer garden.

Nearby is a ferry across the Elbe.
We continued via the Lilienstein to the next ferry.

The Lilienstein is a viewpoint.
There were visitors there of various shapes and sizes.

Sat 12 Sept - Zschirnstein or Dresden

On our final day, the Zschirnstein provided a good walk.
Most of us did that walk.

A (very) small group did go to Dresden for the day.


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