Saxony and Bohemia   D+

Tour dates: 06 Sept to 13 Sept 2009.
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Wed 09 Sept - Schrammsteine

Today was always going to be our rockiest day
The steps started early

A few were quite steep

Some were quite intricate in construction

Everyone went up them with no trouble at all

Afterwards a little break was allowed!

At the top there are views...
...and viewpoints

We admired the view and took some photos

The views were excellent...

...and the sunshine was pleasant.

We then made our way along the top of the ridge...

...and found ourselves a nice lunch spot.

Later we went down...

...and more down

Then we went up a little to a wonderful lookout place.

The Kleine Bastei.
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Afterwards we went down to Schmilka to a cafe.
The finally back to Krippen on a ferry.

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