Mont Blanc area

Some travel in the Mont Blanc area, before start of tour. 09-19 July 2006.
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Le Tour to Lac Blanc

The good weather which blessed this trip has started.
Good views of Mount Blanc.

We meet an ibex.
The ibex seems fascinated by something at the base of one of the ladders.

Rosemarie and the ibex meet near the ladder.

Refuge du Lac Blanc with very little snow. (Which proves that this picture was actually taken a couple of weeks later)

Photo taken by a kind man, who seemed worried to see me taking a picture with only one of us in it.

La Flegere

We had not been able to book a place at Bel Lachat. So, the next day we just ambled slowly to La Flegere, where we spent the day mostly sitting in deckchairs.

The next day we passed the paragliders.
They seemed to be having a good day.

We continued on our way over the Brévent,
past the Bel Lachat to les Houches.

Les Contamines

Not many photos taken as we passed from les Houches
to les Contamines and onward.
Then this one of the Roman Bridge.

Col de Fours

We got here after a stop at the
Refuge de la Croix de Col du Bonhomme.
Photographing Sergei and Anna.

Val Veni

Footpath between Elisabetta Soldini and Courmayeur.

Pasta con funghi at the Maison Vieille.

Aiguille du Midi

Watching arrivals come up the snow ridge...
...and wincing to see them using trekking poles
rather than a decent ice axe!

A photo of a proud mother.
(Rosemarie's son Andrew has climbed peak at the right)

We both enjoyed the distant views of the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. I climbed both of these in 1968-69. Rosemarie climbed the Matterhorn in 2000.

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