Parts of Tour du Mont Blanc
(Before start of Ramblers tour)

Tour dates: 23 Aug to 31 Aug 2005.
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Fenêtre d'Arpette

Starts with a stroll beside the bisse

but gets more rugged

The TMB Race

This was in progress during our stay
The winner does it in under 24hr

These ones are struggling

The tourists!

By now I knew of the troubles with la Flegere being closed.
Poor Gordon Turnbull got dragged off a day early to go through the Mont Blanc Tunnel.


The people of Chamonix were heartily clapping the finishers.
More than 48hrs on the route!

Summit of Mont Blanc


I was pleased to see some Ibex on the path to Lac Blanc.
So I took this photo....

....Five minutes later I took this photo of the same Ibex!

Views of Mont Blanc from Lac Blanc

We had clear weather around dinner time.
It produced several good photos.

A circular walk from Lac Blanc

General start direction is SW.
This is the Col de la Gliere.

Our hero...

...and another one at it!

Travelling on

Lac Blanc to le Tour
partly by ladder

The luxury life

Orangina at £2 per can.
Col de la Balme

Intellectual stuff

Curious roofs on shepherd's sheds.

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