A journey through the Canadian Rockies

Tour dates: 28 Jul to 14 Aug 2005.
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Transfer to Jasper

Clearwater Lake

Mount Robson

River near Mt. Robson Visitor Center

Maligne Lake

The lake

A young Mule Deer...

...and lots of people watching it.
(Beside Maligne Lake)

Squirrel near start of our walk.

Looking down on Lake Maligne during our walk.

A bigger Mule Deer.
Met during the walk.

Part of Maligne Canyon.

Whistlers Mountain

On the summit

Edith Cavell Meadows

Angel Glacier

Saturday Night Lake Loop

A 25km walk through woods.
[Please note: this is not part of the Ramblers Holidays tour, but one I did solo at my own risk]
Good path, but surprisingly no footprints on it.

Caledonia Creek - really a series of creeks.
It was beside a smaller version of this one
that I had an interesting experience
with a moose and a bear.

Athabasca Falls

The falls

Athabasca Glacier

Cliff encourages others to join him,
but how secure is it?

Quite a few are enjoying the walk up it.

Peyto Lake

A short stop for us
with a beautiful-coloured lake.

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