Hiking in the Atlas Mountains

23 June to 07 July 2005.
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The River Walk

Our "tough" transport, hired for the day.
Heading to Boutharar.

Starting the walk.
Not a massed start, but something close to it.

A drink stop on the river bank.

The banks are covered in lush green foliage.

These photos summarises what is meant by
"The River Walk"

Change sides...

....and change sides again.

Then back in the river.

Dades Valley

We walked around near Ait Arbi.
As well as the usual view of the Doigts de Singe we explored a little between the giant slabs of rounded rock.

Le Coq Hardi

Our hotel at Ait Oudinar.
The swimming pool and bedrooms.

The dining area.

Springs walk

Leaving Tighdouine and heading towards Oued Zat Springs
Looking back over bridge over Oued Zat.

The springs are by-passed on the outward journey.
A dirt road passing to the right of Oued Zat Springs.

A hill of dry mud near the village of Sidi Ayziz (?)

A strange band or rock used as a mule track.

Coming back to Tighdouine in the company of Springs visitors.

The Agoujgal Plateau

The outward journey.

The onward path on the far side of the ridge after lunch.

Tighdouine Hairpin

It was market day (Thursday)
All the donkey-parks were busy!

Now well-into the walk.

A small village on our route.

Lunch stop at furthest point of the walk.

Return along a seguia.

A welcome wash in cool water.

The path contours along the hillside.

Tighdouine now in sight.

People in Morocco

Our Berber guide and our driver.
(Waiter in middle)

Maria Berrada.

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