Walking in St Lucia

18 Jan to 02 Feb 2004.

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South of Soufrière

We took a boat from Soufrière and journeyed southwards.


We arrived on a remote beach.
Getting ashore was an interesting experience for some!


Once ashore, we had a local man who went up a tree to pick coconuts for us.


He then energetically chopped them open for us.


Carl had his picture taken while drinking from one of the coconuts.


After a climb up to a local hamlet, we visited a family of potters.


One of their main products are little charcoal stoves for cooking food.
This is Jimmy, our local guide, holding a stove.


The continuation walk was along a quiet and remote beach.


In the afternoon we visited another garden.
This one had the ruins of an old sugar-extraction plant.


The estate garden went right down to the sea, where some locals were enjoying the bathing.
We finished our stroll with an excellent tea and cakes on a verandah.


Another rainforest walk

This was a pleasant up-and-down walk along ridges heavily-covered by trees.


A day of good walking in surroundings different from UK forests


Millets Bird Garden

Not many birds.
(But we did see an Agouti)


We watched as another coconut was chopped open.
Look at all those intent faces. Food!


Then down hills


and across streams



In the afternoon.
Passing schoolchildren on their way home


Gros Piton

The path up


Looking across to Petit Piton


This was the day when I was playing with my camera's panoramic abilities.
There are two photos available: one which is just a panorama from our first stop on the Gros Piton summit
and the other is a full-360 view from the second summit, with all of the group included.

And coming down again


Day at a small cove

We took a boat southwards from Casteries along the west coast.
Our destination was a small sheltered bay, where we went ashore.


After a day on the beach, including a lunch, we returned by boat.


Waterfalls walk

We walked up a forested valley, some parts of which had been planted with bananas.
This seemed to be the home of their planter.


The second and more distant waterfall was a good place to swin.


A Flame Tree



We walked around the area on our last full day.
Our local guide was entertaining.


We finished at the harbour in Dennery.


Farewell Green Parrot

Our last view of the hotel parrots.


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