Mountains, lakes and Mozart

20 to 26 June 2004
26 June to 11 July 2004

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During the second visit to Salzburg we spent the morning at Schloss Hellbrun.
It is (in)famous for the water garden full of practical jokes.


Here some pessimistic visitors walk through an arch of water jets with their umbrellas up.
In this case the joke is that you would not get wet by walking through.


As well as the jokes, there are water-operated toys.
This theatre contains (I think) 200 moving models driven by water.


Not another group photo, but some of the masks in the museum.


And surely the biggest hat in captivity!


In the grounds is the Steintheater.
The stage, backstage and auditorium are all hewn out from a sort of quarry.


Freilicht Museum

Over 60 buildings from different parts of the country and from different centuries.
All are fully-furnished and looking as though the occupants have just gone out for a few minutes.


In the bedrooms, clothes hang on the wardrobe door.
(Outside, vegetables grow in the kitchen garden)


The bath stands ready for use.


The Schoolroom has writing on the blackboard.


The Jenner

If the weather is good, the two week tour goes to the top by Jennerbahn capsule-lift.
This is the summit.


There is a viewing platform just below the summit.
Much of the Königsee is in view.


This is the village of the same name at the end of the Königsee.


Here it is from a closer viewpoint....


....and looking at the jetties and boat sheds.


One may walk along the Malerwinkl path, past this magnificent catflap and access way!


It is possible to continue beyond the end of the path.
....provided you don't mind improvised structures....


....and get a view of the lake from water-level.



Here is Wolfgang, who looked after us so well....


....and the whole Family Schubert.


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