Mountains, lakes and Mozart

20 to 26 June 2004
26 June to 11 July 2004

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Here is the first view seen by Ramblers clients.
The Mirabell Gardens, with the castle in the distance.


The castle dominates the Altstadt.


We walk along the edge of the Mönchsberg.
There are several good lookout points.


The walk takes us to the entry-ramp of the castle.
The castle is a good place for lunch and a guided tour.


Later one can spend the afternoon in the shops and cafes of the Getreidegasse and its surroundings.


Some stay on in the evening.
There are dinners with opera between courses
in this magnificent room.



One gets up here by cable-car. Then descends a little to the alm in the photo.


Where one may take some light refreshment.


Then there is a pleasant out-and-return walk along the ridge.


The furthest point is the summit of the Dreisesselberg.
Here we stop for lunch.


Here the second group enjoy the shelter of the bushes at the summit.
It was a cool and breezy day.


The lower slopes of the Predigstuhl

There are many attractive footpaths.
Like this one.


Some interesting bits.
Like crossing the stream at the top of the Alpbach Rundweg.


The Bildstockl, on the Thurmereck route is a superb lunch stop.
Although, on this occasion, the party had to shelter there from rain soon afterwards.


This "lunch with a view" was experienced by the party that did the Eichelberg loop after the main tour was finished.


Maria Gern

The key to making a walk of this visit was to take a train to Bischofswiesen.
The onward walk to Maria Gern was on good paths with a fine outlook.


The church is beautifully located.
(Both aesthetically and by virtue of having an adjacent gasthof with terrace)


The church interior repays a visit!


Later, the river path down the wooded ravine is a perfect route to head for the cafes of Berchtesgaden as a final target.


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