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19 Dec to 27 Dec 2003
27 Dec to 04 Jan 2004.

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"Christmas" Group


"New Year" Group


Bhalil School

With the collection at Christmas, plus a kind extra donation at the airport, I was able to buy 60 exercise books and about the same number of ball pens.
These were taken to Bhalil on New Year's Day when, of course, the school was not open and the schoolmaster not around. I got plenty of advice on where to leave the stuff! The classic was Zakaria's suggestion that they be left at the local shop which sold books and stationery!
In the end I settled for Mama Aisha's cave. She was really impressed and thanked us repeatedly. So did a lot of kids sitting outside her cave. I think she will make sure the kids get the books, although I think the neighbours kids might get a few before the rest go to the school. So, all ends well.



Omar. The most careful and thoughtful driver that anyone might be lucky enough to have! Thank you, Omar.
Thanks also to Ali, Hamid, Mohammad and Toufiq.


Maria Berrada, who makes it all possible.
Thanks, Maria.



Four of us got bumped off the return flight. BA had overbooked and, despite having confirmed our tickets, we were forced to stay another 24hrs.

So there we were...
... stuck in the Casablanca Hyatt...


... with minimal facilities.


We were in a rough neighbourhood.


We were hungry.


There was nothing to look at.


But worst of all, we had to pay for our own drinks.
It cost me 12-90 for two beers!


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