Austrian Lake District

20 July to 17 August 2002.

To keep the file sizes small, I have used a 200-pixel image.
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The Loser

Viewed from the Via Salis
on the Sandling


Starting the climb up
past the Augstsee


One of the steeper bits,
but cosily shut into a corner


Looking through the Loser Fenster
on the main ridge
Fenster = Window


Going along the ridge to the summit
Some saw a Brocken Spectre near here


Coming back down


An airy bit


Lunch at the "Service Area"
Feeding the Choughs


Three Lakes tour

A boat-load on the Kammersee


Gosau Lakes

Only one group got here
and they did not get a clear view



Road flooded!
(Near Tauplitz Station)


A lonely figure tries the path....


....then the others follow....


.... with varying degrees of enthusiasm!


The Lessern waterfall
River bed rather full!


Similar scene two weeks before
Camera shooting from the river bed


Gasthof Dachsteinblick
(Guess which of the two visits this one is)


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