Magnificent Desolation

26 March to 9 April 2002.

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Erg Chebbi

A non-typical scene.
The lake was caused by the heavy rains. It is normally dry.


We set off on our long and circuitous route to the top of the dunes


Goat grazing on the dunes - not much to eat!


How's this for odd behaviour?
Some (unsuccessful) snow-boarders on the dunes


We stagger up the steep sand...


.. again and again


delighted when we reached each top


You can almost see the smug satisfaction!


One of our longer rests
A happy picture


Back down for lunch


The isolated restaurant at Erg Chebbi


View from the restaurant


Returning to hotel by Land Rover


Transfer to Zagora

The walk on the way to Alnif.
A pleasant break in our journey.



The famous "Timbucto" sign at the end of the town


Nearby, Tamgrout is famous for its pottery in an attractive mottled green


A kick-wheel potter at work
Why mount the wheel at floor level?


Camel riding

Nearly all of the group rode camels at Zagora on the free day
Getting mounted at the start


Setting off


A typical alley-way between gardens


Riding alongside an irrigation ditch


Transfer from Zagora to Ourzazate

The descent towards Ait Soun
Walk done during the transfer


The Atlas Mountains


Green valleys of the Atlas crossing

Climbing Northwards over the Atlas Mountains
Run-off from the high mountains can give good crops


Our support team

Abdul, Omar and Abdul Zak


... and in warmer conditions


Bens-Marie Tours

Maria Berrada
All local organisation was very well handled through Maria's tour company.


Magnificent Desolation Set 1/2 (you are now viewing Set 2/2)
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