Walking in the Atlas Mountains

01 Nov to 15 Nov 2002.

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Gorge du Dades

The gorge offers a wide range of different landscapes.
One of the more unusual is this narrow side-gorge behind the "Doigts des Singes"


This is the narrow channel we followed.
Not a place to be on a rainy day!


As well as scenery in the valley, there are the local drummers who play in the Hotel Vieux Chateau every night after dinner.


One of them was our young local guide, Mohammed.
We met a lot of Mohammeds on this trip: I think we called this one "Mohammed the Sixth"


The main gorge has some very spectacular and narrow side-gorges.
Here we are in a wider part of one of them.


In places they are extremely narrow.


There are caves in the upper reaches of the valleys, used by Nomads.
Today there is nobody at home (but an awful lot of goat droppings!)


At the top there are wide open spaces.
Some strange beetle-like insects live there.


Looking down, we can see the Nomad camp where we were hospitably received and where we were served mint tea.
(No photos were taken during this visit)


Coming back down one of the side gullies, there is a boulder that is interesting to negotiate.
It will be a sad day when someone builds a set of concrete steps past it.


And here is the bridge across the river.
It takes you back near the Vieux Chateau.


For the moment, we are grateful to our helper.
Even if he is a poser!


Bou Tharar & Vallée des Roses

To reach Bou Tharar we needed to charter a local "Minibus fort"


We pause for a moment, just after leaving the main valley at Ait Youl


This walk follows a mule track which repeatedly crosses the river, as it meanders.


Sandals are the ideal footwear for this walk.


A shady lunch spot


More river crossings...


...and yet more


Coming out on to drier land


The cigarette man


A peaceful village


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